Why “Le Gîte”?

Gîtes are normally small, basic accommodations for travelers in rural France, which are often created from renovated buildings. Originally they were shelters. Today they are mainly a place to stay on vacations or holidays.

I had been searching for just the right name for our new home, and since I have a deep love for France, a French name seemed like an interesting possibility. And also because I love traveling, especially to France, and have stayed in gîtes before, the name came to mind. As I dug a bit more into the meaning go the word, the idea of a shelter made from a renovated building seemed quite fitting, too, as we ended up doing more renovations than we imagined when we bought the house, and it is a place of shelter for us and for our guests. For me this new home, and what it is slowly becoming, feels like a place where I would experience the feeling of being on a holiday.

And so… welcome to Le Gîte.

bienvenue au gîte




Le Gîte
PO Box 160062
Nashville TN 37216